What Body Image?


Image by Martim Thomaz

Today I’m writing completely inspired by the post over on Verily Magazine today – Dress for Your Body: 3 Ways to Layer. It is such a delight when I see women who love who they are and are comfortable in their own skin. It can be quite a roller coaster for any woman throughout our lives as so many of us struggle with self-image and self-worth. In our society today it is so difficult to maintain a strong sense of these two things. The writing I’ve done before (for Verily Magazine here and here) and (Family Friendly Cincinnati here) lets my love for true personal style shine through. So many women talk about how much they love style and fashion – but how many of us let ourselves truly live it out by loving ourselves in return? Instead of focusing on that number on the scale or the (pre-determined) size charts in department stores, how about we try to find our happiness in how we’re living our lives. Unhappy with your weight? Why not try focusing on feeding your body healthy foods, practicing balanced exercise, and letting the feeling of a strong body feed your soul? Irritated that the newest trends coming out on the catwalks aren’t at all suited for your body type or taste? Modify them to fit for you…or completely ignore them. Not every trend is going to work (and some really shouldn’t: high-low skirt, crop tops). 

Of course our self worth goes beyond our bodies – our mind and soul are huge (and arguably more important) components of an integrated sense of self. We live in a screen saturated world. When was the last time you were without access to some kind of technology? I’m certainly guilty of this (being almost never without a phone or laptop nearby). There is a real danger of allowing these gadgets become more than they were meant to be. We all need an escape sometimes – especially after a long day at work…or at home. But I would challenge you to take real look into your daily lives and see where we can take out that unneeded screen time. Whether it’s a personal promise to ourselves or taking action, like deleting the Facebook and Netflix apps from our phones, lets get out from under the foot of our technological tools.

Do you feel like all you do is work, eat, sleep, and dream of simpler times? Don’t let yourself believe that’s all we’re meant for in the adult world. If this is how you’re feeling then I urge you to make yourself one promise this week, make sure to make it manageable, and follow through on it.

Some ideas:

After you’ve done this…keep doing it. If you don’t want to keep repeating the same promise, add or substitute a new one. Each week you’ll have something new and refreshing to look forward to. Remember the things you’re passionate about, remember the things that make you feel creative and energized (creative doesn’t just mean drawing and painting), and act on them. We only get one chance to live each day – make each one happy. 


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